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Is it possible to brush an AG doll's hair to much.


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Yep...it will ruin it. Use the wig brush that AG sells and tell your dd to rein in her enthusiasm or the doll's hair will get frizzy and start to fall out.


My dd's Samantha suffered the fate of over-brushing (and my dd didn't do it that frequently)...she had to go to the AG doll hospital. After that, she rarely touched the hair on her dolls. Kaya's hair was never even taken out of her original braids.


I will say though, that the dolls do hold up remarkably well. We have nine of them and they are all in storage now awaiting the day when I have granddaughters. They were well played with and loved and still in excellent shape.

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I have tried to teach DD the "right" way to brush her AG doll's hair. We talked about holding small sections, brushing below the hand she was using to hold, working from the bottom up..... in the end, though, I also put a restriction on how often she could do their hair. I think every couple of weeks is plenty. DD is 9, though, so I can see a younger girl be very into "doing" doll's hair.


FWIW, to the poster with the OG doll - I don't think you will need a wig brush. AG dolls have wigs, OG have rooted hair, I think.

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