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iPad- What are your favourite Apps?

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Now that the Christmas rush is over I am finally sitting down with my new iPad. What a super gift, I am feeling very fortunate!

I would love to hear people's views on the best apps, in particular apps that are useful for homeschooling (one 6 year old ds) and a good diary/organising app.

Thanks in advance, and wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2012.


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Notability for writing on pdf's seems to be the best option for dd 6


I also have PDF expert which allows me to edit pdf's so I can take large lessons and break them in to smaller parts (i.e. I have the Andrew Cambell memory book in PDF which is 400 plus pages and I just made a 5 page weekly memory lesson from it). There may be a cheaper app for doing this but I already paid for it so I haven't checked further in to it.


Appshopper was recommended by another board member recently. It keeps up with app sales and you can make a wish list of apps you want and it will notify you if they are marked down. I've only had it for a week and already purchased the Art Authority app I wanted that was originally $9.99 for 4.99.


We have and love all the apps matrips listed.


We also like Toontastic, sat question of the day, sat vocabulary, Greek essentials, scrabble, trivial pursuit, math bingo, this day in history, hangman, word wit, geomaster plus, rocket math, jungle coins, & star walk.


I put all my PDF teachers manuals in iBooks which keeps my place so I always know where I left off.


I also love the free logos bible study app.

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Guest hardison55

I am very much interested in using the various kind of app in my iPad. I have tried the lot of apps. In that, Very few apps are like very much. There are





4)Angry Birds

5)Mobile RSS

6)Mirrors Edge

7)cozi app


In The best app and useful app is to me is "iWedPlanner". I like iWedPlanner. It is a nice wedding app for organizing the wedding planning in an efficient way and within the budget. It has many features like seating arrangement, RSVP, resources, to-do list and more. You download this from Appstore and install it.

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