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Puzzle board?

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I love jigsaw puzzles but I have recently discovered that many puzzles are larger than the spare whiteboard I use to put them together, and buying another whiteboard would be expensive. I don't want a piece of cut plywood because of splinters...what else could I use that would be easy but not attract dust, etc.? I used to use a piece of plywood with black felt on it, but the felt attracted hair and dust.


Any suggestions? Please? I received some jigsaw puzzles for Christmas, and I'm excited to start one of them!





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Do you want one larger than the puzzle; enough to put the pieces on it or just the puzzle size.


Home Depot has that smooth wood, thin, it's in the pieces area where you'd find circular wood tops, dowels. It's like peg board, but without the holes.


Or a piece of sheet metal or plexi-glass with the edges duct-taped.


Otherwise...I'm trying to figure out how to do this without all the glare.

I'm here on break from one now.



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Another idea I found. We finished one puzzle and started on another one yesterday. I had a bulletin board about 4 x 3 or so and it is working wonderfully. It is big enough to handle 1000 piece and has the frame so pieces don't fall off. Light enough to move around then I cover it with a tablecloth so my cat doesn't play with the pieces.

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