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I'm sick today...

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In bed with Christmas specials and my computer. I've been sick for 3 days. I can't sleep because I keep coughing. Dh took the crew to visit family (my family--kudos to dh) without me.


Anyways. This is ok. I actually got up briefly and had a nice morning with the kids before crawling back to bed.


I just hope the rest of you online are not sick too. That would be a bummer. I grateful for the company though.

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We have been sick with a stomach virus these past few days. My IL postponed coming until today. They will be here anytime now. I haven't cooked, cleaned, but their presents are wrapped!


It's actually been pretty peaceful. We've spent these last few days at home just enjoying each other. No parties, no crazy cooking sessions, nothing extra. Now if we could learn to do that while feeling good, life would be good!


Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your time alone.

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