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Breach of privacy by local school district

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We live in MN, and therefoe are required to give standadized tests each year. I have been purchasing ours through the school district for the last several years. They order the tests for me (the $$ comes out of the small allotment available through the district), I administer the tests at home, then turn them in to the district to be sent off for scoring.




I get the test results in the mail today, and here's what I see (or rather, what I'm NOT supposed to see):


On the sheet that lists the summation of all the test parts, my sons scores are listed, ALONG WITH 4 OTHER STUDENTS! Their names and birthdates have been (poorly) blacked out (I can read right through the ink), but their test scores are all there for the reading!


This also means that 4 other families also are privy to my son's test scores (and name and birthdate). I'll be on the phone bright and early Monday morning to start someone's day off with a bang!


Needless to say I'll be ordering our tests from somewhere else next year.


Can't believe that someone didn't think this would be a problem. Grr....

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I avoided using the school district for that reason. First, they know your child's scores and I've heard that they lump them in with their other students.


When my dd was young, I had someone administer the Peabody test--it's oral, meets the requirements and is over in an hour.

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I, too, live in MN, and I would just be livid if this had happened to me! I mainly use the Peabody test for my kids and have been happy. I have also ordered the ITBS through the U of MN. The good thing about these two tests is that the school district is not involved at all. No one needs to see my children's test scores but me. You might want to consider using a different testing method, because there is no guarantee this won't happen again, even if the district assures you it won't.


there are several Yahoo groups for MN homeschoolers such as ECHO-MN and hsadventures. There is often discussion about standardized testing on these message boards. I don't know where you live, but some Peabody testers post testing info on these boards.


LauraD in MN

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