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Obviously I made the right decision re: Santa

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Dd6 and I attended a theater performance that included lots of Santa talk. (Her favorite book at age 2 was about St. Nicholas, so she's never been into the modern Santa legend.)


At bedtime, she asked me, "Weren't those big boys in the show too old to believe in Santa?"


I told her that the teens in the show didn't really believe, but they wanted to encourage the younger children in the audience to believe.


Dd's response: "Well, that doesn't seem fair. It's like they're playing a trick."


I told her yes, that's why I had never told her Santa was real.


So yeah, she would be one of those bitter kids. Good thing I followed my gut.

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It's fun to believe in Santa. My children believe in Santa. Or maybe they don't. They have seen the presents in the closet, etc. I believed in Santa as a child. When I found out there wasn't really a Santa at an early age, Christmas night was no longer as exciting as it was before.


I'm glad your confident in the decision you made with your own DD though.

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