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Please explain "juicing"...

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In the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, the guy goes on a juice only fast for 60 days to loss weight. So for 60 days it was veggie/fruit juice and water. Not processed juice but fresh juice from veggies. and fruit. He was monitored by doctors to make sure he was healthy.


Some do 5 days or 10 days of juice "fasting."


I am sure others who know more will fill in the details.

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Tina, I have lost weight, when I've replaced one meal a day with vegetable juice. I lost even more weight when I replaced 2 meals with juice. Both are hard to do, the former is easier, the latter can be quite difficult. I wish I could do this again. For some reason, I have a harder time sticking to such a plan now, but I think that I may take it up again. Typing this up is motivating me, especially after all the holiday indulgences.


I try to juice daily or at least as often as possible. I juice veggies for the most part, and seldom juice fruits, since they say that too much fruit juice raises insulin levels. When making juices for our children, however, I add a little bit of fruit – usually an apple. Adding an apple or some grapes is also great for those who cannot stand the taste of veggie juices and are just starting out.


Any good juicing book will give great recipes as well as all the benefits of various juices. My favorite one is Juicing for Life. There are many others, but that’s the one I have and like. I like to rotate my juicing recipes and vary the vegetables. As with any food, if you keep juicing the same veggies day after day, you may develop food sensitivities to them. Variety is important.


My reasons for juicing:


1. I believe that regularity of and ease with bowel movements are probably amongst the most important measures of overall health. A healthy person should preferably have at least one bowel movement per day. Also, it should not be painful, take too long, or involve straining. Bowel movements should be easy. There should be very little time for magazine reading! I notice a huge difference in this area when we juice as opposed to when we don’t.


2. Juicing helps to detox the liver. The cleansing and health of the liver is essential to overall health. The liver has many important functions – mainly to clean the blood and to remove toxins and waste.


3. One of the most important measures of health is a well-balanced pH system – one that is just above neutral and slightly alkaline. Pretty much any disease and health disorder (ranging from acne, to the common cold, all the way to cancer), simply cannot survive in a system that is alkaline. Vegetable juices are great for alkalizing. A good friend of mine, who really knows her stuff about natural healing, once told me that maintaining a healthy pH balance and lymphasizing are the two best things one can do for overall health.


4. Most of us know that the more raw foods we can eat, the better. Juicing is a great way to do this.


For those who reject juicing because of the lack of fiber, yes, of course fiber is essential. Most of us need even more fiber than we’re currently taking. To me, juicing is an excellent way to get even more nutrients than I would otherwise. When I see the amount of veggies that I juice, I know that it would be very, very difficult to eat all those veggies. I see juicing as an addition to a high-fiber diet. Besides, from what I understand, juicing removes mainly indigestible fiber, which your body cannot absorb anyway.


The only downside of juicing is the amount of time it takes to prepare the veggies and to clean the juicer. The latter really and truly can be an absolute pain! But the benefits of juicing far outweigh this.


After juicing, you should drink it within a few minutes, or the enzymes will be destroyed from exposure to air. Within 20 minutes the enzymes are all oxidized.

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in fine detail...as it is utilized for weight loss purposes :001_huh::D


As explained above, people are usually talking about juicing like in the movie "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" which you can watch for free on hulu.


If you want to look at a sample menu, this page has a standard reboot from the people that made the movie, menus halfway down.


What people often do is to do days one through five which are a ramp-up, then days 6 through 10 can be repeated over and over, or adding in other juices from their blog, then when goals are achieved, do days 11 through 15 to re-enter eating gently.


I recently did the above and did days 6 - 10 twice. I wasn't trying to lose weight with this, but I did lose weight anyway. And I have been flat in bed for >2 months, so no exercise involved - the weight came off anyway.

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