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New info about Beast Academy 3rd grade books....


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I emailed the AoPS people some questions today about Beast Academy and got a response tonight. Here are my questions...


First, is the expected release date still sometime this coming summer or has it been moved up at all? My daughter is currently working at a beginning 3rd grade level and it would be wonderful if the Beast Academy books were ready a little earlier so she could start in on them!


Second, will there be any more samples posted to the website at any time? We are anxious to see how arithmetic topics will be handled. And that leads me to...


Last, when will a scope and sequence be posted?


Here is the response I just received...


The first 3rd grade books will be released in the spring (this will include the first half of the curriculum for 3rd grade). We are targeting fall 2012 for the release of the second half of the third grade curriculum.


The website is being updated and there will be a new website when the books are released. Samples of the completed volumes will be posted along with lots of other information about the books. This should include some information on scope and sequence for at least the 3rd and 4th grade books (possibly tentative sequence for the 5th and 2nd grade books).


Hope this helps. We are working hard to get these books ready for print.


Just thought I'd post for those who are as excited about these books as I am!

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Very exciting!!!


Is it terrible to hope my big girl doesn't progress in math so we can use these books?!?! :tongue_smilie: (I'm completely kidding!)


LOL! To be honest, I've been trying to hold my 8yo "back" a bit so she can comfortably move into this program! I bought the Primary Challenge Math book which we do one day per week, she is finishing the last Miquon book (2 days per week), and I'm having her do the Singapore 2B Intensive Practice Book (2 days per week) before going into 3A. Oh, and she is almost done with the CWP 2 book and we'll start in on 3 when she's done. I also throw in the Family Math book sometimes or we just play around with math (multiplying large numbers using C-rods and B10 blocks, playing with fraction manipulatives or measuring cups in the tub, making up problems with negative numbers or simple algebra problems, etc.)


So. If the BA book comes out in the spring, it will be perfect timing for us! I'm just trying to skirt around the main 3rd grade topics for a bit until then....

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I'm having the same feeling-DD is working in Singapore 4 and LOF fractions now, and I'm mentally planning for Beast Academy for Summer math and see what happens after that)-but she was zipping along pretty fast before our Christmas break. I don't suppose they'll get 4th or 5th out soon??

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According to an email I got:


The Beast Academy books will come in sets. Each set of books includes a comic-style instructional Guide and a companion Practice workbook. The complete third grade curriculum will include about 400 pages of Guide and almost 500 pages of Practice. We are considering dividing the materials into 2, 3, or 4 sets of books.


(They were surveying people as to whether we'd prefer it to be split into two, three, or four sets of books.)


I can't wait.

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