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How old is your Mac?

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My oldest Mac was purchased just two years ago new, so I don't have any older Macs. We just made the switch from PC to Mac at that time. We now have a desktop (purchased in Aug of this year) and an iPad and now an iPhone.


Our new desktop (the one I am on right now) has 2.7 Ghz with a core i5, 4 GB of memory. I have no idea what all that means!



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Our Macs are about five years old: two MacBooks. They've had their hard disks replaced, their batteries changed under a recall, and their rechargers replaced. Otherwise, they are going strong. I'm running OS10.6.8; Husband is running something a bit higher. I have two GB of memory.


We have one old and one newer iPod.



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Dh's MacBook Pro is going on 6 years old. It still runs fine (though the CD-rom drive no longer works), but he uses it infrequently now that he has an ipad. Our iMac is 3 years old, I think, and my MacBook is 2 years old--best Christmas present dh ever got for me! We also have an old iMac in the garage that still works, but it needed to be upgraded and we just didn't need another computer. I think that one must be 8 or 9 years old.

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We have a 2.5 year old MacBook Pro, a 5 year old MacBook, an 8 year old PowerBook G4, and an 11 year old clamshell iBook G3. They all work, in some capacity, but the disc drives are dead on ALL of them. Power cords and disc drives are Apple's weak link, in my opinion.

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