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Paint color?

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What color would you paint a girls room that will have this bedding http://www.amazon.com/Xhilaration-Zebra-Bed-Bag-Twin/dp/B0023AJNPS ? They have several things to hang on the wall that will have zebra print. I was thinking light pink, but would love opinions! The paint sample we picked out tonight and painted a patch of is Glidden Sweet Baby Girl.

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I'd go either turquoise or robin egg's blue.


I'm a contrasty-girl, rather than a matchy-match girl :)


I was thinking turquoise, too. My dd would probably say purple. Then she would get pillows and throw rugs in pink, purple, turquoise, and lime green.:D

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My dd has that bedding and her walls are a light-med yellow color.


The bedding is pretty bright and busy so we decided to go with a more soothing color rather than loud/bold for the walls.


I think light pink would be cute, but somewhere around age 9 they out grow light pink walls.


We are planning to repaint this summer and she has picked out a light blue grey color by Sherwin Williams called Mineral Deposit.



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Oh my goodness, what a coincidence. I was just saying to my DH how I would like to figure out what color to paint in our girls room that would not be pink, then I came here, and read this thread. When I clicked on your link, I saw that we have the exact same bedding!


So obviously I'm :bigear: for suggestions too.

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I say lime green. But I am a sucker for bright pink and green together. :001_wub::D


I concur. Colors are my thing. Green and red (pink) are complimentary colors, and it would look awesome! You might consider variations on that, i.e. white walls with one accent wall in the bold green. Or you could go with a softer shade of green, and that would be beautiful too.


If it were an adult woman's room I'd say gray might work, but it would be almost formal in looks and it would lack the warmth that a little girl's room needs.




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