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Anyone have a schedule they use for Spielvogel's World History Human Odyssey?

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I'm kind of new to this board. I'm working on a plan for my soon to be high schooler. I'm looking at Spielvogel's Human Odyssey and wondering if there are schedules out there that have been created. Any help is appreciated. I'm feeling just a "bit" overwhelmed at the prospect of doing high school :001_huh:

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Thanks, Jean. I did find this and I printed it out. What grade did you use this schedule with? Did you add anything else in?




This was 9th grade.


Some of my children's composition papers overlapped with history, so I did not usually assign history papers in history class. This book always brought about a certain number of dinner table conversations and political/economic discussions that fit into realm of world history. We often did a couple of history papers to go along with this--you know: "argue both sides of an issue and finish up by explaining what side you come down on" or "follow a thread through history that shows cause and effect" type of thing. It was more of a paper that came out of one of those dinner conversations that happened to fit into the format needed for composition class.


One kid did a study of a person and wrote about it.


But that was all we did.



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