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Who else is having one of those weeks....

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So this is one of those weeks for us. Had both kids to the doctor for a cough. DD is fine but has that virus that is an annoying cough. DS was seen Monday and was fine. Yesterday, he started running a fever and refused his normal foods. Even turned down his pea shoots. Take him back today and the kid had pneumonia.


DD best friend was hospitalized last night with pneumonia in both lungs. The child is a severe asthmatic. Our neighbors sweet 3 yr old boy has strep and bronchitis.


So who else is having a week?


Also, if you could send some positive thoughts for the kids. Especially, DD's friend.

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Yes, this time last week all the kids had stomach flu. It didn't hit dd6 too hard, but dd4 and ds2 we a vomit fest. I ended up using every sheet in the house twice and then spent the next few days trying to catch up on the laundry.


Then two days ago poor dd4 started with a temperature, headache, sore body, stuffy nose and sore throat. She did not much but sleep with all this heat, except she'd wake up several times each night. Today she is starting to feel better so she is very grumpy.


I am just praying that the rest of us don't get it for Christmas.

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Positive thoughts for all the kids.


Ds has the cough; he has tendency to develop bronchitis/pneumonia so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he won't get worse. Good friend's son across the street has the stomach bug and dd was playing at her house for an hour before I realized one of her kids was sick. Hoping dd won't get ill.

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Goodness gracious, I'm so sorry to hear about the week you've been having! Sending lots of good energy your way, for quick healing and rest for the weary.


My brother had pneumonia a few years ago, and was hospitalized for four weeks; he was 30 and in perfect health (body builder) and it reduced him to a crying baby. I can't imagine a sweet, young child going through the same. Please know she's in our thoughts, as are her family and yours. It's so hard to feel helpless.



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