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appetizer recipe help please....dairy and meat free

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I would appreciate any ideas for meat and lactose free appetizers that can be made in advance and served cold/at room temperature. Of course, super delicious would be a plus too, but I'll settle for really good :D. Would prefer not to do a dip, definitely not hummus (just did it recently) and according to my husband no deviled eggs. I don't want to just do a veggie and fruit platter, I want something fun and exciting! As fun and exciting as you can be without meat or dairy anyway....

Thanks in advance.

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How about a vegan cream cheese pizza? Take a pizza crust (you can use Pillsbury) and bake it. Then take some vegan cream cheese and mix it with garlic powder (I taste test to see if it's where I like it so I don't have an exact measurement) and spread that over the cooled crust. Chop up some broccoli, carrot sticks and either cherry tomatoes or red pepper and put that all over the cream cheese. Press the veggies down so they kind of stick and then slice into pieces. Yum! :)

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I'm veg*n, and lactose-intolerant so I don't serve dairy. Bruschetta is my standby, and it's not a "freaky weird hippie" vegetarian type dish that scares off the omnis ;)


You can find recipes anywhere online but I just dice tomatoes and onions, stick in a pot with some garlic and fresh herbs and simmer for awhile. It's easy to toast the bread ahead of time. When I'm serving buffet-style, I'll add some balsamic vinegar to the tomato mix. Serve it the way you would chips/salsa. When I serve it as more of an appetizer, I brush the balsamic vinegar directly onto the bread before baking/grilling it. Super delicious hot, room temp, or cold :D


Spiced, warm nuts? (No raunchy comments from the peanut gallery!)


You could also do spring rolls. Egg rolls, maybe, but I prefer spring rolls. If you do seafood meat, most recipes call for shrimp; I don't, so I just omit that. They're a bit more time-consuming to make, but hold up really well and are good at any temperature. Maybe make a plum sauce or sweet/sour sauce for dipping, too. It takes some practice to learn how to roll them well, but maybe that could be part of the fun LOL.


A final suggestion - what the people here call a sushi California Roll. It'd be different, which might be the same as "fun and exciting" ...?! I don't like these myself, but my friend always asks me to bring them to her parties. When serving, I just do a makeshift thing that resembles something between a water bath and a double boiler -- the bottom pan will have ice or gel ice packs to keep the upper serving pan cool for a few hours.

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Fresh pico de gallo and homemade corn chips.


Pico is just diced tomato, onion, jalepeno and cilantro with some lime juice and salt added to taste. You can make homemade corn chips either from homemade corn tortillas or purchased fresh corn tortillas. Just cut into 6ths, spray a pan lightly with oil, lay tortillas in a single layer, spray with more oil, sprinkle with a bit of salt and bake in a 350°F oven for 15 minutes.


You could try making homemade onion rings. I just use a thinned pancake batter with extra black pepper in it.


Vegetable samosas are really great. Lots of recipes out there if you google.

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Just had one -- yummy!

A thick lentil soup on small pieces of bread (party bread or just quartered regular-sized pieces of a stiff bread). I like Amy's canned lentil soup, but I sometimes make it from scratch. Just make it thick (or boil it a bit to thicken) and spoon it onto the bread. It's good cool, too!

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