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Here's our flow chart/loop schedule combo & details for three children.


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Is the loop part (that you showed on your blog) going to be a separate document just for your reference? I really liked your idea of going from one child to the next so that the little ones (and the very independent ones) don't get short-changed on interaction. I made myself an hourly schedule and posted it on my blog. For the most part I'm not doing "math at 8, Latin at 9, etc" but setting times up for me to interact with each child for Q&A about their independent work and some instruction in certain subjects (writing, Latin). I haven't tried my system yet...

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I was inspired today to create my own 4 hour loop schedule for my 4 daughters. I divided mine into two different loops. We will spend the first 2 hours on our Core Subjects, then stop and take a 1/2 hour recess. After that we will continue on with our Secondary subjects for 2 more hours.


I formatted mine so that I could see at a glance who I was working with (in bold, sometimes 2 students at the same time) and what their sisters were working on independently at that same time. I also integrated all the kids so I am not just with one kid for most of the time.


We should be done by lunch with this schedule and then we will have Extra Curricular afternoons. We will do something on the chart during that time. I am excited! Here is a peek at the schedule. http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfbzzqxr_0ctjqd8fs



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