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I think I'm addicted.....


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...... to buying curricula! :drool5: Ok, in my defense, I've only been buying bits and pieces to see what they all look like so I've only spent $5 here..... $10 there...... but I get SO excited when I buy it and even MORE excited when it arrives! I've also been buying some books that are on suggested reading lists because I figure one way or another, we'll use them.


Tell me this is normal and that I don't need professional help. :lol:

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I'm not sure how long you've been homeschooling, and I hate to tell you this, but it gets worse, much, much worse! :lol: (evil grin, while rubbing hands together :D)



There is (a little) hope. I have grown somewhat in sobriety and self-control. Mostly due to the burn of regret after spending my budgeted amount several times over only to completely change my plan again. The pain is eased somewhat by the balm of valuable lessons learned which could have been learned no other way. Also, it didn't happen before acquiring enough to almost completely cover elementary school several entirely different ways .. at least.


.. and all that before my oldest turned 6. Ouch.

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I did the same thing here. I think I "tried" or extensively read about and planned out every approach. Now on my 5th year of homeschooling I'm finally feeling a little more settled and committed. But we'll see........Now I feel like I'm just tweaking instead of doing complete overhauls.


But all that to say that overall I'm glad I did it b/c I learned a ton and can speak from an informed position on many of the approaches and have been a great resource for different moms at different times b/c my "addiction" allowed me to know about most everything out there. I am almost over that now, though I do still look new things up from time to time out of curiosity but am far less likely to stray from what we are doing.


Another positive is that I have a large and growing home library which I'm finally starting to see the fruits of. Buying library-builders is something I'll never grow out of. I also have a huge supply of craft items from the suggestions of various curricula, as well as preschool items.


The downside is I probably have 5 bins worth of stuff to sell or give away, a lot of which I never used. But I would still say it was worth it. I am happy to feel "satisfied" that we are making the best choices for our family, though, and the fruit is that sticking to one thing helps us accomplish a LOT more than before when I would take off two months to replan our entire approach AGAIN. The consistency and routine to our days now is making my husband much happier too!



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