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foreign language credit- is this a good plan?

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Ok, both boys ( 9th and 11th) are taking Spanish at the local cc. They will take 4 semesters. In looking at both Baylor and TCU ( which seem to be my oldest's first choices), they seem to be a little bit of a stickler. Getting credit for the first two semsters is no trouble, but for the 2nd year it is. I will have to send Baylor a syllabus and let them determine if they give credit. One thing they specifically mention is some cc's give 2nd year credit for a 1st year text and they won't do that. Since they use the same textbook for the first 3 semesters and then change, I'm thinking this applies. So he would need to take their placement test. For TCU, it is even worse. They have to take a placement test and then they put them were they tested. If they get a good grade in the TCU class, THEN they will give them credit for their previous cc credits.


However, both will give up to 12 hours credit for a good CLEP score-mid 60's I think. So.. what if I have them take the Clep in May or June when they finish their 4th semester of Spanish?


My oldest will probably only need 2 semesters since he is wanting the math type computer science degree. But if he changes his mind to the other kind of computer degree, then he will need 4. His younger brother will definitely NOT be a math/science major so he will probably need 4. Who know where he will go or what he will major in.


Does this sound like a good plan?

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Since they will accept the CLEP, that sounds like a good plan for a student who doesn't want to have to take the foreign language there. Doesn't hurt to try to test out with the CLEP and if that doesn't work, at least they should place well and not have to do too much beyond what they do at cc. JMO no btdt. :tongue_smilie: Dd is hoping to satisfy foreign language requirements through cc too.

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