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My body hates me (and med time question)

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Feel free to skip the whining and jump to the bottom for the med advice.


We're leaving tomorrow for NY and Saturday for a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas. My body has decided to hate me.


-First, my monthly gift is timed to arrive on Sunday.


-My right ear tube is out, which I can spin to a positive; When my father and his wife make nasty comments I can ignore them and it's not rude because I can't hear!


-My back is still pretty sore.


-My foot hurts


-Now? The worst of all! I have Blepharitis and my right eye will flare randomly. Tonight the outside corner is red, itchy, and looks/feels like it's going to flare. The best possible outcome is I wake up and my eye is normal. The usual course is that I will wake up and it'll be all gunky and crusted closed like pink eye. It takes about a week to go away on its own. It's painful, itchy, feels like glass in the eye (because the underside of the eyelid will swell and crack).


My body hates me. I now get to sit in the sun on a ship, unable to read, in the beautiful weather in pain!


Now for the med help. I'm on a bunch of stuff, some of which needs to be taken separately.


6 day medrol dose pack (6 pills the first day, 5 the next, etc)

Cefuroxime axetil (antibiotic, twice per day, 10 days)

Vitamins (with calcium, can't be taken near antibiotic)

separate 10,000iu vitamin d3 (I usually take with vitamins)

Thyroid meds (taken first thing in the morning, nothing else for one hour)


Tell me if this works-


6-7am thyroid

9ish am (breakfast) 2 steroid, 1 antibiotic

12ish (or lunch) 2 steroid, all vitamins

6ish (or dinner) 2 steroid, 1 antibiotic


Each day the steroid would go down by one, so I'll take 3x per day then when I get to 2 pills for the day, I'll do breakfast and dinner.


Writing the meds out makes it looks easier than I thought, but do you see any bad timing with anything?


Thanks for listening to my whine. I just hope that my eye doesn't flare that bad because it looks terrible and I don't want anyone to think I'm boarding the ship with some crazy disease (or pink eye!).

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I'm trying soooooo hard to remember this!


I get it! My family travels a lot and we love it. But, the time before we leave is always stressful! :grouphug: I bet you LOVE the cruise. I hope it's relaxing enough that you can forget about all the other things!!!


So, details (if you're willing to give them!) - where are you going? What cruise line? Any fun excursions planned?

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We're going on the Norwegian Jewel from Dec 24th to Dec 31st. First stop is Orlando Florida (port canaveral). Next is Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas, then Nassau Bahamas.


Dd and my father are doing the dolphin swin, in Nassau I think.


All of us have the pass for the biggest inflatable water slide, but I forget where that is.


Ds and I will be hanging out on the beach. He wants to make a sand castle.


On the ship, dd has already planned how to use the included ice cream buffet, and ds is excited about the 24hr pizza buffet. He also said we have to check out every single space on the ship, go rock climbing (on the ship), swimming, and eat lots of pizza.


The "No Parents" kids room is open from 10:30am - 10:30pm! I will use it at least one full day. :) If they have fun, I'll let them go for a few hours other days.


I'm bringing the kindle :)

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