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AHHHHHHHH...help to ease my mind? If you can.

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So this year Christmas is for us a little bit late since we usually wait until we know that we have the cash to order anything and this year it came kind of late. I ordered about 2 weeks ago from Amazon and all but 2 things have been delivered to my friend who is returning from the US and will be bringing it all down for us. She's in St. Petersburg FL.


Anyway--I just checked and it said that one of the things has been in St. Petersburg from the 17th but doesn't show it delivered yet. The other departed Orlando on the 17th but that's all it says. It's DHL delivery.


What are the odds that it was already delivered and doesn't show it yet? My friend leaves tomorrow and hasn't been online all day to tell me whether or not they have arrived. Anyone have any experience with DHL? Does it usually not have things updated too much?

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