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I am interested in a indoor bike for excercise.


Is there a fitness difference between recumbent bikes and uprights? I don't know of any studies of one verses the other. I've had a treadmill, but it always hurt my knees and frankly they always did, even at the gym.


So I'm looking for a recumbant or upright with programs. I don't want a cheap one and I don't want an expensive one. I don't like the spinning bikes either. So I'm not sure of the difference in fitness except in the way a person sits.

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I will be honest and state up front that I know nothing about exercise bikes, generally I choose not to use them. At the gym I attend those riding the recumbent bikes look very relaxed and leisurely while those on the upright bikes look like they are getting a workout.

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I'm not a guru, but I did find this site that talks about the differences.


FWIW--I only use the bikes occasionally, but I think the upright bikes are uncomfortable. So, I would suggest trying them both. If possible, I would use each for an extended length of time. Would a store let you spend 15-20 minutes (or more) on machines? Seriously?

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You don't get the same core stability component (using your core muscles to stabilize yourself while pedaling perched on the seat). Otherwise, you're exercising. Like any modification made to support limitations, the different position helps you participate in exercise to your ability. Never, ever a bad thing. :D


The recumbent bikes are my first recommendation for clients with knee, back or balance challenges.

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