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Charging an electronic device through the usb port: questions!

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We have several items that came with a usb connector, both for the synching and the charging.

One in particular is a gift for ds that says the initial charging should be 24 hours.

I can't charge through the desktop because it's in the family room where everyone will see it.

My hesitance with the laptop is that the transformer on that cord gets so hot. I've never left it plugged in over night.

Is that hot transformer a possible fire hazard? Should I put it on a heat resistance surface and not worry about it?

Will the device connected to the usb continue to charge when the laptop "goes to sleep"?

Should I charge a few hours when ds is sleeping tonight and then a few hours tomorrow . . . etc?


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My laptop will continue to charge things when it goes into sleep mode. I think it's one of the Eco Utility settings on my particular laptop.


Usually the initial charge up does need to be for the full time uninterrupted to have the battery work at full capacity. I don't know if that has changed, but that is how things used to be.


I leave my laptop on and plugged in at night all the time but mine doesn't get hot at all.

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There are usb chargers you can plug into the wall like this. That way you can do it anywhere.


I can leave my laptop closed with ipod plugged into usb port and ipod still charges, but don't know if that's standard or an option in the settings that dh turned on. I don't think it would be a fire hazard, but could you put just that part on top of a trivet or something?

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I don't know if this varies, but my laptop does not continue to charge devices when it goes to sleep.


One of our laptops has one port that specifically DOES continue to have power when the laptop goes to sleep. So if a laptop does not have that feature, then it won't.


There are however USB-to-power adaptors. Get one of those and plug the USB part in and then you can plug the device into the wall and charge!

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