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Say you have a cat who sits on the back of the couch

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No rotating here as the cat's favorite cushion to mush is the one that goes to the chair and it's not interchangeable with the couch cushions. Not sure if we'd rotate the couch cushions if those were affected. I guess I would, but I don't have to worry about that as dd takes care of the rotating by using the cushions at least once a week for fort-building and other adventures. :001_smile:

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and mushes one of the cushions. Do you rotate the cushions so they are all mushed? Or do you leave the cushions alone so that only one cushion is mushed?


He's a heavy cat- 16 pounds. The cushion is very mushed.


I rotate regularly. While ranting. I have three giant "cats" who sit on the backs of the cushions. Seriously, they're big...70 pounds, 50 pounds, and 48 pounds.


What? You mean felines? Apparently my kids are as hard to train as cats. Did I mention that I rant about it?




ETA: I've been stewing on this and think it only right to mention that Abby, our actual cat, does NOT sit on the cushion backs. And yet...

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Our loveseat belongs to the pets. The dog is only allowed on it, and it has her "blanket" on it-she can't go on any other furniture. The cat (luckily) prefers to lay on the back of that couch, and totally mushes it. He's 14lbs. We let it stay mushed until we have company, then we fluff it & take the dog blanket off.:D

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We're going to buy a new sofa in January and I plan to get one with a tight back -- no removable cushions -- so that my cat can't mush it too much. I also plan to buy her a perch of her own complete with shag carpet, and I will place it by the window or wherever makes her happy. My cat is 20 pounds, btw. She's more of a little bear than a cat.


If it's just one cushion, you could try to find a replacement for it that's firmer. Cushions are not cheap, though.

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