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Glucose fasting levels fine, but still have symptoms

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In the past few months, I've had a few episodes when I've gone about 4 hours or so without food.


First (not always), I get nauseous. I then get irritable, very shaky and weak. This is always accompanied with the feeling of a very empty stomach. Even after eating, it takes about 10 - 15 minutes for the shakiness and weakness to get better and about 25 - 30 minutes for it to completely go away, but when I do have nausea with it, it goes away immediately upon eating.


I had a Complete Blood Count done in June and in again in October. Glucose fasting was 90 in June and 86 in October, so nothing abnormal.


Is it still possible to be Hypoglycemic when my Glucose fasting levels are within normal range?


I didn't start having these episodes until November or so, so after the CBC was done, but could I have acquired it that quickly? Are some people just more sensitive to long periods without food even without a medical condition?


Thanks :001_smile:


ETA: Upon standing, I get dark vision, dizzy and wobbly. It takes about 5 seconds to appear upon standing and then 10 seconds to go away once it appears. I was going to an eye specialist for swollen optic nerves, but he just believes my optic nerves are larger than normal (but that it is normal for me) and he thinks it is a non-serious blood pressure issue and suggested a tilt table test. I still need to set that up, but I don't know if these are connected or not. Doubt it, but thought I'd mention it anyways.

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Yes. Fasting sugar is not a perfect predictor of other pre-meal sugars. In your shoes I'd go get an inexpensive glucose meter and do some monitoring on your own.


If you'd rather not do that, read up on dietary approaches for controlling hypoglycemia, and give one (or more) a try. Some people do best on a low or moderate carb approach, while others prefer very frequent small meals.


FWIW, at times I've had symptoms consistent with hypoglycemia. However, while my sugar can run low, I've never caught a low number when I'm feeling off. I suspect sleep issues and/or caffeine are the real triggers for my symptoms.


Good luck!

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Keep a protein snack w/ you at all times. If you aren't allergic to nuts, I really like those 100 calorie packs of almonds, peanut butter crackers, beef jerky... something. At the earliest sign of hunger, shakes, nausea, grab a snack. Make sure and try to eat a good breakfast too, something w/ protein.

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Definitely agree with the above posters about reactive hypoglycemia and protein snacks.


Also, the problem with dizziness when you stand could be postural hypotension. I've had it most of my life and I attribute it to adrenal fatigue.


I changed my eating habits to include lots of protein and very few grains. I also ate a little something every two hours and it helped tremendously. I don't get shaky or get dizzy standing up unless I eat too many carbs (or sugar, especially.)


Hope you get it figured out. I know it's no fun.

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The carbs would make sense, since I've been have stomach issues and eating things that don't bother my stomach - toast, pasta, etc. I am adding more veggies though and cut out carbs where I can (lettuce wrap instead of bread, etc.)


I am allergic to tree nuts and peanuts. Also, eggs. I can eat lactose free cheese and yogurt, though.


Thanks :001_smile:

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