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Fire escape ladder?

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We just moved into a two-story house. I've never lived in a two-story before, and am a little freaked out about how the kids would get out in case of a fire. (It's a straight drop down to concrete from their windows!).


I was looking at some emergency ladders on Amazon, but got worried because of comments like "the ladder is not stable and a child would not be able to climb down alone" and "can only be used once" (so....how in the world are they suppose to practice a fire drill?!)


Can anyone give me advice or recommend an escape ladder that is easy to use (my kids are 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11) even for small kids?


Thanks for your help.

Hot Lava Mama

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we're pretty big on routine fire drills in our house, which is also two stories.

the boys' window goes straight down to the ground (grass), but ours right across the hall goes onto the roof of the addition, where we keep an extension ladder to go off.

for the boys' room we have one of those ladders that you hook over the window sill. it is made by Kidde, and it is held together by webbing-type material (only the hook and runks are metal) and when you are done, you just kinda crunch it back up and velcro it. we have a huge army duffel bag with rappelling rope attached to it that we put our little 15 month old girl in and she is lowered by daddy down to mommy. on the extension ladder, daddy goes down with/behind the 4 yo boy. 7 yo goes by himself. we then meet up at a designated spot.

the biggest concern re: drilling with the escape ladder is that it swings because it's got no frame and it doesn't completely go to the ground - therefore there is a danger in it hitting the window below their room and breaking it. it really helps for an adult to go first and anchor it and be someone for the children to come to.

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As a wife of a fire fighter I vote that you buy and practice using a ladder. If there is space for a window seat under the window you could build in a storage area for the ladder so it doesn't accidentally get mislaid in the room's closet. Make a designated fire location away from the house, but NOT crossing any streets. You don't need any little ones playing chicken with a fully loaded fire truck!

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I can't remember the one we had, but I think it was aluminum and the length was strung together with something that looked like a dog chain and the rungs welded in place.


Amazon is great, but maybe go to Lowes or somewhere to actually look at one. Since you have several children, check the weight limit to see if more than one child can be on there at a time. Then take it home and try using it because if it wont work, you can return it and try a different kind.

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