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Cheap silver rings?

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Dd13 wants 2 matching rings, one for each hand. She just wanted something cheap so we found some $10 rings at Walmart. I have no idea what they are made of but they look silver. I knew it wasn't but we figured it was good enough. Well, after a day of wearing them, the rings turned her fingers black. What are these made of??


So I'm looking on Amazon and I see sterling silver rings for $10. Some of these show regular prices of $80 and above, but are supposedly on sale for under $15. Any thoughts on these?


Look at these please:


This one is supposedly marked down from $70 and is only $9.99: Solitaire ring in sterling silver


She likes this one but we're scared it's cheap and will turn her finger black as well. It's only $14.97. Celtic knot sterling silver


Is it possible to find a decent ring under $20 that won't cause discoloration?

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