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Will someone please come and wash my dishes?

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I'm making freezer meals for my mom for Christmas, so I just made a Chicken rice casserole and a lasagna, along with pan cooked chicken for the family. The kitchen is a giant mess. I'm still not totally cleaned up from the cookie baking of last week, and my back is killing me and my feet are killing me from my Cub Scout meeting this evening.


Oooooo, I do have some cheese left over from the lasagna to go with my whine. :lol:

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When they are done at your place, send them to mine. No one in my house seems to know what to do with dirty dishes when I am away. I was gone about 24 hours helping to take care of a family whose dad is in critical condition in the hospital and my family didn't see the need to even put dirty dishes in the dishwasher (which I emptied before leaving) not to mention washing the dishes that needed to be washed by hand.

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