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Ellen McHenry's science - Ideal Ages/Grades


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What are the ideal ages or grades for using her science? I'm looking at the Elements which is recommended for ages 8-13. That is a HUGE age range and it leaves me wondering what is ideal :D. All of her stuff looks awesome and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on when to use any of it....



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Elements does a wonderful job of presenting high school level material in a fun, age appropriate, readable manner. I ordered the hard copy, read through it - and I love, love, love it.


Autumn is in the fifth/sixth grade and gifted in science, but we had a difficult time finding a curriculum that presented advanced science, without expecting a super advanced reading and writing level. This is it! We're sticking with this as a whole. I think it's perfect for her.


Only *wish* she had a Physics program. The hubs wants us to do physics after chemistry, before going to Carbon.

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