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Okay, who's puking chez vous???

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I shall ignore you for the rest of the holidays because I am convinced my kids would catch that crud over the internets. I have been feeling something coming on. For once I am praying it is just hormonal since we have to leave Tuesday for the mil's house.


:grouphug: I love God and everything, but sometimes I just wonder what he was thinking when He made that stupid stomach bug:glare:.

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Come on... with holidays approaching, my kids can't be the only ones. :lol:


Hopefully, it's JUST the kids. I am washing my hands a million times after doing anything the little kids have been near. :eek:


(if this thread makes your skin crawl, head on over to last month's emetophobia thread...)


Sadly, this one didn't miss me. Dd had it last weekend and I had it Tues/Wed (along with an ear infection.) I hope you can avoid catching it!

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One of my chicks barfed at preschool last Wednesday. (On the snack table. Twice. I'm told her classmates continued eating:tongue_smilie:.) She's been off and on yucky, but not "really sick." Hoping the worst is over. I've been feeling icky myself, but am hoping it's just something super mild.

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Both the boys for a few days now. This is the third time the oldest has caught something from a freshly vaccinated child (and the second from the same boy :glare:). Stupid live vaccines. Stupid neighbour boy that gets sick from live vaccines. Stupid parents of neighbour boy that won't keep him home when he's obviously caught something. Stupid allergies preventing my kids from getting the stupid vaccines to protect them from this stupidity.:cursing:

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