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Nutrition Experts: WHY am I craving eggs?

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One of you is bound to know the answer. The back story is that I've been sick for about two weeks. I had an upper respiratory virus that turned I to bronchitis (my first case . . .not fun). Starting about 4 days in, I've wanted eggs every day. Specifically, an egg salad sandwich that I make with just eggs, mayo, whole grain mustard, and whole wheat toast.


I just made what must be my 10th sandwich. What's my body trying to tell me? My guess would be that I'm replacing lost protein, but I don't usually think too much about the craving=specific deficiency thing. I thought The Hive would know.


P.S. I also went fom 8-10 hours of exercise weekly to an impressive ZERO hours if that's significant.

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Well, there IS fat in the mayo, but I'm going to have to seriously consider this weasel theory. I HAVE felt sneakier lately and my eyes have been extra shifty.


Update: I chased my egg salad sandwich with a spoon of peanut butter, a glass of milk, a bowl of popcorn, and a piece of chocolate. I ate all ofthat without feeling stuffed. Looks like my appetite had returned and is making up for lost time. (or maybe I should break down and read the inserts that came with my bronchitis meds :glare:)

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Guest polish.mermaid

I've had egg-salad cravings since I was a child but didn't start taking notice until few years ago.  They usually don't last long but usually follow an ongoing or recent ailment of some sort.  After doing some research on this (I am a scientist btw, just in a bit different field) I found that most egg cravings are actually albumin and egg-related protein cravings.  These proteins help with a variety of basic functions in a body.


Albumin helps with things such as blood pressure/serum density (which can be altered with medication, especially allergy or cold related meds), is used for medication-carrying molecules (may be in higher demand for some medications used), and for vitamin D-binding proteins.  Keep in mind that vitamin D is one of the main cell-building/regenerating substances.  Something your body may need during and/or after a sickness.  A common example is a flu or pulmonary ailment, where not only the white blood cells abut also many of the delicate pulmonary/lung cells or the cell walls are in desperate need of reconstruction, repair or replacement.


Other nutrients present in yolk of the egg are proteins, fats and cholesterol, all of which have similar cell repair and regenerating functions. Therefore the egg/salad craving is perfectly normal.  Mine have lasted for about 2-3 weeks depending on how severe my flu/cold was at the time.  This is a clear reflection of how much repair my body needed.


It is unfortunate that our society's fads have pushed our minds into fearing foods, especially cholesterol and fat containing ones.  All our foods are good for something in our bodies as long as they are consumed in appropriate amounts.  On the other hand, too much of anything (even pure water) can kill a human.  Portion and proportion are key to nutrition.


After all, we have evolved this far without wheat grass Frappuccinos and other fad-based "need-this-to-survive diet" fads.  Remember, non-habit related cravings are just our bodies' instincts that have been perfected over our evolutionary journey that are simply here to keep us alive and well.


Never fight a craving, but also never turn any craving into a habit.  And as always, when in doubt :confused1: ...Google :laugh:

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totally agree with polish mermaid.  I try to pay attention to those cravings.  


In high school I had a pysch teacher who talked about her first pregnancy.  She grew up rural and poor and married immediately after high school.  They lived in a little house on her IL's property with no neighbors.   She got pregnant immediately and started to crave sucking on these particular white rocks from the rock driveway.  She spent ALL morning one day painstakingly picking out the particular rocks.  She was going to wash them first and they were in a pile on the middle of the kitchen table when her MIL came to visit.  MIL saw the rocks and said, "Those kids and their rocks" and threw them into the yard.  Of course, she couldn't tell her MIL what they were for.  MIL would have wanted to institutionalize her.  

Later the teacher went to college and learned that those rocks are loaded with calcium and that sucking them would have given her calcium that pregnant women often need more of.  

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Guest polish.mermaid

It's not just interesting, but also very common which makes it an everlasting curiosity to many.  Glory to those who question!!!

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