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Suggestions on what meat I should take for Christmas?

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My MIL just called and asked me to make the main meat dish for our extended family Christmas. There should be about 15 people, about 5 of them college aged. I will have to transport the dish about 30 min. to my SIL's house where we will eat. In the past we've had turkey or a pig's head. I think that both of these might be impractical for different reasons (even though Rough Collie will be very disappointed if I don't make a pig's head).

Any suggestions?

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Maybe make a large turkey the day before, and bring it already sliced up?


We like spiral-sliced, honey baked ham--we don't buy it, but a lovely parishoner gifts us with one every year! I grew up not eating ham EVER, and having crown roast (pork roast) for Christmas, but it's soooo nice to have it all made, and I can't screw it up.

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