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I just learned that I now have an acquaintance in Afghanistan

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It does certainly feel different when you know people there.


When my husband deployed the first time he sent me pictures. I took them home at Christmas time. My family asked/made (what were to me) the strangest questions/comments:


"Why does he have a gun? Is he on guard duty?"


Err...no...he's at WAR.


"Oh, look, he used an empty grenade box to put his Christmas tree on, how funny!"


No, that box contains grenades.


"Do they have to turn in their weapons at night?"


And have to line up to get them back if and when they are attacked at night?

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My Dbil is in Iraq. The first time he was there, at the start of all of this war, he told us he wasn't in any danger. All he did was repair helicopters. Ok. We were naive enough to believe him. After he returned, he told us what he did, in addition to repairing helicoptors. We aren't so naive during this, his third trip. But, with any luck, he will be home in six weeks. At that point he will have spent a total of more than three years in Iraq. And I have a feeling this won't be his last trip.

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We have a friend who's brother works for the FBI. He spent 6 months in Afghanistan this last year. Most of their work was in very remote villages in the mountains. He said the army would go in and secure the village, then his team would go in to question people about ????. He said more than once, they would be talking to women and the women honestly believed the troops and these men were Russians. Can you believe that??? I can't fathom a life where I don't even know who is fighting the war in my own country. Even the most remote areas in the US have access to information of some sort. That just completely blew my mind.

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