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How do you know if your child is

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Personally, I don't think they hit logic stage all at once. My son is logic stage for Latin, but not necessarily for writing yet. I think in a way, they have to go through grammar, logic and then rhetoric for each subject. Some are ready for logic level math way before they can do logic level history.

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I'd agree with the above. It's not an across the board readiness I'm seeing here at home either, but there sure are some bumps and spikes going on (and driving me a little crazy).


I've noted in four areas...science, history, math, writing (my four main categories) that she is definitely at different levels. Math is still grammar stage, not a lot of challenging questioning going on, not a lot of connect the dots, still has to be prompted through word problems on what skill fits the solution....


History, she's definitely logic. It's all arguing. It's like sitting with a lawyer. Everything has slowed down because of all the questioning. Why this, what did they do that for? Some small detail with distract her and she's off and running on it for two days. Everything comes to a grinding halt until she's satisfied.


Science, still grammar stage. It's like she's a passive observer and it's like pulling a mule backwards, slow to start, slow to work, slow to absorb, no questioning at all. This subject is like driving nails into a board.


Writing, she's definitely logic. She'll re-work and re-craft and have big melt downs over it until it suits her. I've seen her search for the "perfect word" for a half hour while re-writing drafts. It's crazy.


So for me, it's uneven, it's just the beginning.


If I feel like I'm rolling rocks up a hill, it's Grammar.


If I feel like I should just give up and let her explore and come back in a half hour while she runs the trails, it's logic.


That's sort of how I'm measuring it for now.




We were sitting together the other day discussing how to take proper breaks. That's not my strong suit. It ended up that we were comparing learning to sprints vs. marathons. I was breaking things down into little tiny pieces to lead her to the point of the matter.


Suddenly she said, "Look Ma, the three little pigs didn't speak to each other in Albanian, don't you get it already?"




I have no idea what hypothetical pigs speaking in a foreign language has to do with pacing biological stress and rhythms, but she had an argument ready for it.




On a weird "mom notices" note...I notice that her right hand clenches into a fist sometimes when we are learning, it's like a flag that she's getting frustrated and the material is going too slow for her.


Kind of like when you ask if they are telling the truth and you can tell if they are or not just by the way they hold their poker face.


I think it's the difference between playing "go fish" compared to solitaire.


One requires a partner and challenge, the other, solo...just given materials and get out of the way.

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Yes thank you....if this is the case, my kids are nowhere close to logic even though they are 9 yrs old in 4th grade. Not even a hit of logic. They don't argue with me about anything-even about doing dishes or laundry or cleaning the toilet. They may pretend that they didnt hear me but argue -never! They dont pursue or ask questions. They want me to drag them through a lesson. Handholding, handholding, handholding! Now my 17yrs, 14yrs and 13yrs old seem to be in perpetual logic stage since about 7-8yrs of age. They argue over everything all the time!

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