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Practice AP cal multiple-choice timed tests...link someone posted a few weeks ago?

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Hi 8Fill,


I'm not sure what thread you're referring to in your post, but here's what worked for my kids.


AP exam preparation (MC and FRQ)


the 4 calculator procedures required for the AP calc exams


The College board used to sell a very useful CD packed with multiple choice practice problems from old examinations. Unfortunately, it's no longer for sale, but there might be used copies floating around out there somewhere. Fortunately, I have a copy of it (and the corresponding CD for AP chem), and I'll be glad to loan them to you. :)

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And here are some links I just found to free online AP calculus timed practice. I have no idea whether these have been mentioned here before, but they look useful.


AP Calculus Practice 1 (timed practice)

AP Calculus Practice 2

AP Calculus Practice 3

AP Calculus Practice 4 (SparkNotes are usually good, but you have to register to access the materials)


Always make sure to use some "real" questions from the College Board in your preparation, too, whether from the AP CD or from an old released examination.

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