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Fun phonics program for advanced MFW K student?


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Can anyone recommend a good and preferably fun phonics programs for an advanced K student? I looked at Websters Speller but I myself aren't so sure how all the phonics works and it looks hard. An easier program would be great. My daughter knows all her letters and their sounds and is starting to read simple words. Thanks :001_smile:

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ideas from what I did with the two of my children who were already reading when they did MFW K......


We used the phonics as spelling and penmanship. and a few other things....


Maybe you could look into a phonics based spelling program?


Here is just about everything else I did regularly in the MFW K phonics for my early to read children to turn it into spelling and penmanship, and learning other age appropriate phonics lessons.




We also enjoyed playing on starfall.com and some other computer games out there (very old school here -- reader rabbit, jumpstart)


oh... for more science? I'm on homeschool buyer's co-op and saw a recent thing for Magic School Bus kit of the month. Have some fun.



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