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Which would you like and do you own any of these brands?

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I am thinking about getting DH a nice recliner for Christmas. He is very hard to shop for anymore:glare:. I think he would like it and spend more family time with us if he had a comfortable chair for his height. When your over 6 ft and feel like your sitting on the floor when you are on the couch, is not comfy:lol:. So anyway, I am looking at either JCPenneys or La Z Boy.


Does anyone have any chairs from JCPenneys or La Z Boy?


Are they holding up well?


Are they comfy?


Not to influence anyone or myself but I do have some gift cards for JCP. Both places have a similar to each other recliner in the scratch and dent section and are the same price.

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We have a chair and a half recliner from La-Z-Boy. It is huge, hideous, and will.not.die. :glare: Seriously. We've had it for 11 years. It's the favorite chair of the husband and dog (him sideways, her stretched out on the back so she can see out the window). Sigh.

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My 6'2" DH loves his LaZboy. Matter of fact, I can't get him out of it. LOL I almost would fake a scenario where he tried them out. Maybe a friend has an over-sized one? Or you can wear him out shopping and let him relax in the furniture section? Finding my DH's 'perfect' chair was like adopting a pet for life. :)

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