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Christmas and DH's birthday...ugh

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Dh is a man of few words. You ask him what he wants to eat, he answers "food". You ask him about work, and you'll hear "fine". You tell him about something, and he'll say, "k".


He doesn't express wishes, desires, or wants ever.


He has no hobbies.


He won't give us any suggestions for Christmas because he doesn't want his Christmas "to be about buying from a list."


So, how in the heck are we suppose to know what to get him? We're pretty much limited to character boxers and boxer briefs and Madden games for the Wii. Those have gone over well. Other things we've tried to get him have gone untouched...a totally waste of money.



JoAnn, who's off to buy DH underwear, Madden 12, and maybe some socks for Christmas.

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