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Seeking to improve my distractable child's learning environmentminimum

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Ignore "minimum" in the title. Didn't see that was there.


How do you do this in your home setting?

With other children in said home, sometimes young and busy?

During a stressful time?

When you yourself aren't naturally a focused person?



Feel free to answer for one or all scenarios as they can happen alone or all together:tongue_smilie:

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The most effective thing I was able to do for my distractible child was to sit with him while he did his work and constantly redirect his attention.


Actually that's not entirely true--the *most* effective thing was ADHD meds. But we didn't get there until he was 12.

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We don't study at home. We jump a bus, go to the library and go to a lock-down study room in perfect silence.


I pack all her materials, books, notebooks, pens whatever..and carry a 17 inch laptop. I use a full size pull-along suitcase to hold it all.


The only exception is that we start our day with a documentary on the big screen TV first thing in the morning (while having breakfast and I have my coffee) that is related to one of her subjects. She takes some notes, then a narration via dragonspeak.


Then we zip up, jump the bus at 8:00 a.m. and stay until 5:00. Yes..I pack snacks & such. If I'm feeling really grouchy or energetic (they can both prompt this) we stay till 9 p.m. sometimes.


We also use headphone with noise cancel if the library rooms are full, or if she's writing poetry to put her in a mood. She'll listen to something like this:




I also make a lot of use of open course ware with lecture, the headphones come in handy for that also.


We'll be doing an art class in January, and I will be taking her out for that also, but doing it at the Community Center as I don't think the library would appreciate it. I called ahead, asked, and they said it would be fine.


We have a community recreation room here on our complex, and I'll take her there also to work.


Very rarely do we work at the kitchen table anymore. The environment is too tempting for her.

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