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Kindle, kindle fire, nook, or nook tablet?!

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Yikes! I'm going batty with all of the options!!! Which one should I think about?! What do you have, do you love it? What makes it so great?!


Here is the thing. I have an iPad, which is great, but reading on it in the dark while I put the baby to sleep is hard on the eyes. I know the regular nook and kindle are not backlit, which means I'd need a book light. Buuuuuut, I'm thinking since they are so small and light, a little book light would be ok...however, I just saw the nook tablet and wow! Is it neat! Plus i could get flash content on it which I can't with the iPad.:glare:(it's my only beef with iPads)

While at B and N, I talked with a sales rep for the nook, and she really had me sold (of course she was biased!) I love that I can walk into the store and read ANY book for free for an hour, everyday. Ummm, tha is cool!!! I could arrange to do that twice a week I think, which would give me enough time to finish short books weekly.she also said I could read the Gutenburg books on the nook, which is awesome.


On the other hand, I do love amazon...but I can access any kindle book on my iPad already through the app, so I am leaning toward the nook...


What says the Hive?!?!:tongue_smilie:Thanks for your input!!!:bigear:

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If you have an ipad and you are looking for something to just read on, you can't beat the the older Kindle 3. I have an android tablet, an original 3g Nook and a Kindle 3. For reading it is hands down the K3. I adore it. I am never anywhere without it. I have a case with a light built in.

The Nook simple touch is nice too.

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I have the Nook Color and ipad.


I prefer reading on the Nook but I'm not sure if it's because I just got used to it first. My eyes never reacted to the light ~I prefer reading on the Nook because it's more the size of a regular book.

Love my ipad for other reasons.

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The Nook Color and tablet have adjustable lighting, so you can change it for reading in a dark room and make it easier on your eyes. The Nook Touch is smaller and lighter, so if having a light attached doesn't bother you, it would be a less expensive option.


I have the Nook Color and like it a lot. I would buy the Nook Tablet if I didn't already have a Nook Color. My dd has the Nook Touch and loves it because it is so portable. She puts it into her purse or backpack, and it is a great way for her to have lots of books as she is away at college. If all you want to do is read books, the I suggest the Nook Touch. If you want to read children's books (color pictures), magazines, or watch movies, then the Nook Tablet would be a good option.

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