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our foster son gets a home for Christmas

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We have been so excited that our 9-yr-old foster son is being adopted. He will be spending his Christmas with his new mom and dad. Today we say good-bye. We are letting him open the presents from us and having our own little "Christmas." I am soooo happy for him, but I am so sad. I didn't realize I was so attached. Ya know? I have spoken with his new mom on the phone and they sound like a perfect match for him. But today is bitter sweet for us.


Please keep us in your prayers.

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:grouphug: Three years ago, today, my son came to live with us permanently, so I can imagine the joy this family must be feeling. Bless you for making this little guy's transition so wonderful. My ds's transition was horrible. His previous family made things very difficult because they were not happy about it. (Sent him with a garbage bag of clothes 2 sizes too small and a tiny pile of infant toys-he was 3). It warms my heart to read of people who truly care and make the transition one of fond memories. :001_smile:

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My respite (possibly will become a placement) kiddo's situation is driving me nuts. Is no one doing right by this kid? He has two outfits. He has been in four homes in six months and it isn't even his behavior causing it. Dumb stuff like the caseworker not wanting to drive. He has no bike or school support. He didn't know how to make a bed (as well as my 4yr old).


It always seems like something in this system. I'm so happy to hear of other families like ours that really care!!!

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