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Typing/Keyboading Program or Software


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My oldest two are (just turned) 9 and 6-1/2 and I am thinking about beginning keyboarding with them (at least the oldest). I am looking for a self teaching software/games/etc. that will teach them the hand placement, give them plenty of practice and then move them to more of a "mastery" level to hone their new skill.



If you DO in fact teach keyboarding to your children now:

What age do you start your children on typing/keyboarding?

What program do you use?

What are the pros and cons of that specific program?

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Each child uses a different program. My ds10 uses Mavis Beacon typing class. My dd8 uses Ten typing thumbs. Both think it's a game and I use it as reward time because I activated the games in each program. So, if everything else gets done then they get to "play". Both kids are doing great at progressing through the program, so I"m happy.

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