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pediatric vs regular orthopedic doctor?

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Ok, thanks to all of you here, I have decided to get my daughter into a orthopedic doctor. We don't live anywhere close to a pediatric one. What I was wondering is how important would it be for us to make a 3 hour drive (one way) to find one?? We have "regular" orthopedic doctors as close as 45 minutes away. My daughter is 11 if you haven't been following the other thread I started. Thanks. If you want to glance at the other thread explaining our situation better (I say glance because it is like 8 pages long)....here is the link:

I am not sure what to think about this....please help me sort this out. - The Well-Trained Mind Forums (aka Hive Mind)

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Hmm. When my son had hip pain that was trickier to identify, he was referred by a regular orthopedist to a pediatric orthopedist. For his more straightforward issues, a broken ankle and a broken thumb, he has seen a regular orthopedist who had no issue dealing with straightforward pediatric issues like open growth plates.


I think you might need to all around and see the comfort level of dealing with an issue that may be specifically related to age/growth in your local orthopedists if traveling to a pediatric orthopedist is very burdensome.

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I would visit the orthopedic doctor at least once and see what they have to say.


My daughter had knee issues and our pediatrician sent us to a pediatric orthopedist. There is definitely IMO a difference between one who treats adults (who I see) and one who treats children.


We saw our orthopedist once and then spent 2 months in physical therapy before checking back in with the orthopedist again.

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