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how to print a lengthy PDF cheaply


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I want to print a long PDF file that I bought online and I wondered if anyone knew how to do it cheaply? It would cost more than it's worth to print it on my home printer. I'd like to keep it in the format it is, not cut and condense.

Thanks for your help

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If the usability wouldn't suffer from being shrunk (no detailed diagrams or tiny illustrations) you could print it in booklet form. It prints 4 pages on 1 sheet of printer paper, first two pages one side and then it instructs you how to flip the pages all together and print two pages on the other side. Then you cut it down the middle and you have a little book about the size of a regular paperback instead of huge like printer paper. Look at the options after you click print and booklet form will be there.


Or you could ask if Kinko's or wherever could do that instead of printing it one page to a sheet. I've never had anything printed there so I'm unsure whether they would do it that way.

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