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Need to spend $17 more at RR


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Funny, I placed an order earlier this week, trying to take advantage of their "free shipping with $25 worth of items from the holiday catalog" deal (now expired, sorry).


I had circled items in the catalog, added them to my wish list, and recycled the catalog, before the free shipping offer was announced.


So, of course, wouldn't you know, I was *$0.40* short. 40 cents!! I searched under "holiday and gift" until I found a little sticker book for a dollar. I got an email back that it wasn't in the holiday catalog. :confused: Not everything under "holiday and gift" is in the holiday catalog, I was told. I emailed them to just include any little Dover tattoo booklet in the catalog, without a Christmas theme. I was informed that there weren't any. Finally I noticed the heading "Especially for Christmas", assuming most of these items must be in the catalog, and finally found a snowflake coloring book that qualified. :tongue_smilie:


All this scrambling and searching over a day and a half for 40 lousy cents. Oh well, I got my free shipping. Best of luck reaching your limit (after all the suggestions, I'm sure you'll go waaay over! :lol:

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