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MCTs Literature Series


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Does anyone use this? I'm getting ready to buy it and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to implement it.


How do you teach this? Does your student read it independently? Do you read it together? Do you discuss the literary elements together?


I'm thinking about having the three of us read it together out loud (like pass the book around in a circle) and discuss the literary elements as we go along or after each section. I'm afraid if I toss the book to my son and tell him to "go read chapter 1", he won't get as much out of it (he's a git 'er done kinda dude).


I'm really interested to hear if anyone has used this.

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My 10yo completed the Wind in the Willows part of the program this fall. I know it is supposed to be the last book, but it was the only one she hadn't read before.


I offered to do it as a read aloud, but she preferred to read it independently. She read our illustrated copy of the book, and I read the MCT version.


This dd naturally likes to discuss any and every aspect of every book she reads, so the discussion flowed pretty naturally. The quote quizzes were a big hit. I gave her some, and she marked quotes in her book to quiz me. I was often able to work some of the language illustrations into the quote quizzes and discussions. She got bogged down halfway through the book, and lost interest. At that point, I had to start assigning her chapters. We still had enjoyable discussions though.


In your situation, I think reading it together would work fine. It would lead pretty naturally to discussion.

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