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My Leaky Bucket (New Year's Resolution content)

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This is my latest metaphor for my frustrations with my time and energy level.;) I feel like I have this bucket of time and energy. But there is a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza. I think that probably everyone has a bit of a leaky bucket or at least most people. But some people, like me, have a big hole. And as fast as I try to attend to one thing or another, my energy is slipping away even faster.


Time saving devices (like making meals ahead, etc.) are great but don't solve my problem because the bucket leaks faster than I can expend the energy to do them. Assigning things to the kids is great (and I do it) but their bucket has to be primarily used for watering their academic pursuits (to try and stretch the metaphor). Assigning things to a hired maid etc. is great too if you can afford it but I have a leaky financial bucket too. Also - the hole in my bucket physically hurts due to heavy limbs, achy joints and muscles and a brain fog that settles over my head. So assigning the tasks to someone else might get things done but doesn't fix me.


In the past, (including about 20 min. ago) I've used up some of my energy feeling sorry for the size of the hole in my bucket. But many people have holes in their buckets too. I know that because of all the articles and posts out there on fatigue, frustration and chronic pain. I could bask in knowing that I have company in my misery but I don't think that will fix it, Dear Henry. So I have to figure out how the hole came about to begin with. Probably some of it is a genetic disposition or something but if I'm honest I have to admit that some of it is due to dissipated living. Not drugs or alcohol but an aversion in the past to exercise and healthy eating. I exercise 5 days a week now and eat fairly well but I'm starting to realize that that level just keeps the hole from getting bigger; it isn't enough to fix it.


So my New Year's resolution this year (as it has been for a number of years) is to try and reduce my leak. And I'm not waiting til New Year's to do it.


* I eat 5 small meals a day. This is part of an adrenal diet which has the goal of stabilizing your blood sugar with no real highs or lows.


* At the "real" meals I have vowed to include protein and veggies - even at breakfast.


* At the snacks I have vowed to include protein and fruit (but not too much).


* I am going to monitor my blood sugar levels. They are pretty good right now but I need to keep it that way.


* I am going to actually dig out the nutritional recommendations given me after metabolic testing of my hair samples and purchase and take the supplements suggested.


* I am going to go to my chiropractor regularly because my leaky bucket concerns muscle tightness that really does a number of my skeletal system. And if that is out, then I can't sleep.


* I am going to go to bed on time (ie. 11 pm). I might need to give myself an incentive program for this even though it seems silly because it is that important for me to start to establish this habit. My dd10 is having a blast making charts for me to put stickers on.


* I am going to continue exercising 5 days a week.


* I'm going to keep taking my vitamin D and my thyroid pill. (Both doctor prescribed and helpful but not enough to make all my problems go away.)


* I am going to clamp down on this stupid self pity that I have about having to live so healthily. Have you ever heard of such a thing?! I'm ashamed to admit it.

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Hey, I'll join you. In fact, I was thinking about asking you to "exercise" with me. I really need to do that especially in the wintertime since I don't get to do my horse stuff as much. And I should eat better too, I'd love to lose some weight and just can't seem to do it. I get dangerously unactive til spring.


I walked 30 minutes this morning? Have you done anything yet?

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We have this strange family tradition that sort of ties Christmas with new Years.


We tie a "fault" or a thing we want to change about ourselves to a branch of our Christmas tree and burn it on NYE.

We sort of mentally send our "resolution" to God. I find I can go further with my resolution if I think that

A) I have help

B) I am breaking a promise to God.



I also need to do the things you are doing.

I am hypoglycemic

I also have a low metabolism and am tired all the time.

I actually think of you frequently and am inspired.

Perhaps we can help each other by planning meals and finding recipes that are good for our bodies (and pocketbooks)

I too, need to excercise and get out more.


PM me if you want to talk further--But not today LOL

The children are in PS on Thursdays so I am going to be out and about and tonight we see the Go Fish Guys in concert (very exciting for this poor family that does nothing)



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