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We have news on my dd!! UPdate Thursday morn

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I just received a call from the Hem/Onc doctor!!!


They didn't want us coming into clinic and exposing her to sick kids..... because....


She tested positive for some strange strain of mono!!! I can't say I've ever ever ever been happy to say my daughter has Mono!! But I am!!


They are now very concerned about Epstein-Barr virus. I've done some reading and EBV along with XXX (fill in the blanks of the strain of mono) with a very low WBC count and a spleen NOT inflamed can mean some bad things. We might still be considering the need for a bone marrow aspiration as there are several forms of cancer which can be accompanied with EBV and present with mono.


That was a mouthful!


Anyway, I'm happy that my dd has mono!!!


Thank you, all of you for your prayers.



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