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Latin Scheduling

TN Mama

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We are looking at starting Prima Latina in the fall and I am curious how much time it may take to work through a lesson. I realize, every child is different but can anyone give me an estimation?


Thanks :)


I did a lesson a week. We began every lesson with flash card review (I made my own out of index cards) and then recited the prayer. I did a page of work a day except on Mondays.


Monday- Practical Latin and the lesson. Vocabulary, prayers and derivatives.


Tuesday- Vocab, prayer, derivatives, review questions, lesson questions.


Wednesday- Vocab, prayer, derivatives, translate.


Thursday- Vocab, prayer, derivatives, write and learn and fun practice.


Friday- Vocab, prayer, derivatives, and I had them write the vocab from memory.


We had a lot of fun doing it this way and they retained all of the information. It took approximately 15-20 minutes per day.:001_smile:

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I agree that you can easily complete one lesson in Prima Latina each week.


We spend 15 minutes a day 5x a week.


Everyday starts out with flashcards. We review the old cards and go over the new ones. Flashcard review is followed by listening to the current lesson on the CD. I have my child listen to it everyday so that he not only sees the words on a daily basis, but hears them as well. Another advantage to listening to the CD is that the younger ones are picking up the vocabulary. This usually takes 5-10 minutues.


Day 1: We go over the "meat" of the lesson and complete the review questions from the WB.


Day 2: We go over the detivatives and complete the lesson questions.


Day 3: I assign the translation section of the work.


Day 4: We do the speaking Latin together. We spend a little more time on day 4 reviewing the current prayer and the past prayers.


Day 5: I assign the write and learn section of the WB.


The written work usually doesn't take more than 5 minutes.

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