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We do a ton of memorization: Scripture, poetry, speeches, etc. We are also in CC, but only do this casually/ don't review CC at home other than timeline & Scripture passages.


Currently, I'm having a hard time rationalizing the memorization of lists. I know some of the arguments are "because they can" or "they're pegs for future use," however, I don't *think* the ancient Greeks/Romans exercised/developed their memory muscles by memorizing lists, but rather epic poems. Has anyone read otherwise?




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I am not sure if I've specifically read about it, but I bet Leigh Bortins did mention it in either The Core or Classical Christian Homeschooling Made Approachable. I know the lists help many kids tremendously in grammar (especially if they do Essentials). And my kids use the timelines in their heads, which you may consider a list. I think lists of facts grouped together have been useful in our home to those that master them.......



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We don't memorize out of context. We have scripture and poetry every day (part of their morning chores, based to SCM's system). For school, we currently have a binder with catechism (from Big Truths for Little Kids), science (after we've covered the concept in BFSU), etc.; these are in the workboxes.


I'm not sure on this either. I plan to continue our scripture/poetry box everyday, because I think beautiful, uplifting words have value. Where-as once they know the states of matter (for example), there is no need to repeat it. I'd like to move the binder items to Anki or something on the computer, to further separate the two categories.


I guess I'm saying I agree with you. I just can't get motivated to memorize lists. I do like the history sentences, but I wonder if that's the direction I want to go? Do I want to be that formal, or should I stay relaxed (and risk forgetting something). The primary reason for our memory binders are the periodic review.


LCC recommends memorization after the context is learned. Several people are re-reading judging by the LCC version 1 & 2 thread, so hopefully someone can chime in with more specific information.

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