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Bread pudding emergency!

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I am leaving in a while for our homeschool Christmas party. I made bread pudding. It's still in the oven and it is still liquidy in the middle. Is it supposed to be this way? It has eggs in it. I want to be sure it's done!




How big is it and how long have you been cooking it? It can take longer if there is less bread and more liquid.

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I used 6 cups of bread, 1 1/2 C of milk, 4 eggs, honey, and raisins. It was supposed to cook for 20-25 mins on 350. It is in a 2 qt casserole dish. It's been cooking 35 mins or so.


That sounds about right. I know that eggs set up some after cooking too, but I would probably let it cook until the top is nicely browned and not really jiggly in the middle. Mine sometimes takes a good 20 minutes longer than the recipe calls for depending on the kind of bread I use. Enjoy! :001_smile:

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