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Name that Mystery Illness

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I've never been this type of sick before, so I'm not sure what to call it or if I should do anything but ride it out. Here are the symptoms


Thursday -started getting horse, slightly sore throat


Friday -Sunday -lost voice completely, dizzy, slept a LOT, barely ate


Monday - much improved. A very Quacky voice returned with a cough, appetite returned, energy returned


Tuesday -still felt better in the a.m., started draining from somewhere in the back of my throat, intermittent coughing, sore throat, energy declining throughout day.


Ummm . . . Does this have a name? I don't feel hospital sick or anything, but it has dragged on for a week now. Is this a run-of-the-mill something that I should just ride out, or is this something to get checked out? Right now I'm treating with rest and water.


I have no ongoing health issues like allergies and I'm generally active and fit.

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There is a respiratory virus going around that sounds similar to that. The pediatrician said her high school students were having a hard time, because it lasted so long and made them miss school for days.


Now dd and I both got strep on top of it, though I think the strep would have been knocked out quickly by the antibiotics. But, I'm a week after seeing the doctor and am still having drainage issues and running more tired than usual.


ETA: pediatrician said to treat symptoms for comfort. Our timeline had dd at urgent care on Saturday for strep. By Tuesday, she wasn't better and we went to pediatrician. Strep was now negative and pediatrician said it was a virus, maybe flu, but no reason to differentiate. Said to come back on Friday if she wasn't acting better (she was very lethargic.). We are 2 weeks later and she still has residual congestion/coughing. My gunk has run a week behind hers, except I got both at once.


I am doing mucinex to keep my chest clear, lots of water, extra rest....because I am still sooo tired.

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About a month ago we had some sort of virus/upper respiratory thing that lasted for two weeks. It was awful! It went through me, 2 DD's, and barely touched the baby (who was 2 weeks at the time) and just ended up slightly congested.


We had swollen lymph nodes in the neck, coughing/hacking, scratchy voice, nearly lost my voice, lots of congestion, fever, ear infection....I felt like it went on forever.

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Around here we call that "the Crud"... ;)

viral crud to be exact.

If it isn't better (and consistently getting better) in a week, and gone in 10 days, go to the doc. Or if you have a fever that lasts more than about 4 or 5 days, go. In those cases it may be bacterial (or you could have gotten a secondary infection).

Hang in there.

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I have it, too. I'm all hopped up on cold medicine and sitting at work infecting everyone else. Of course, I caught it here so it serves them right. :D I am miserable, I'm coughing up a lung, sore throat, my chest hurts, watery eyes, and general displeasure with the world around me. My husband has it, too. We are a big old bunch of fun. Lots of pseudo-ephedrine makes us EVEN MORE fun. On a high note, we are losing weight because we can't get hungry. Luckily, I have my own office off by myself so I can sit here and laugh at all these ambien posts where no one can hear me!:lol:

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Thanks guys!


I posted this at about 3 a.m. When I was feeling particularly sorry for myself. Tomorrow is my one week mark :-/ since I feel much better today, I think I'll ride it out.


An entire week of lethargy is not good when you Christmas shop last minute :glare:



By the time my dd was sick a week, then I was sick a week, then I've had to wait "from 10 to 2" today on the alarm system technician---I am so far behind that it's not funny. Oh well.

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