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Okay, so now I too am wondering....(scheduling help please)

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As our DSs got older, we found we did not need to do all the subjects *every* day. AND we found that they had more endurance to be able to spend a longer "block" of time on a single subject. One way to schedule is with longer blocks of time, but on fewer days for some things. Example (using your subjects):


5 days a week = 2.75 hours

60 minutes = Math

40 minutes = Latin

30 minutes = Writing

30 minutes = Spanish

45 minutes = Reading

205 minutes (2 hr, 45 min) = TOTAL


alternating subjects = 2.25 hours

90 minutes = History/Science (Hist=2 days, Sci=2 days, 5th day=finish up either/both)

45 minutes = Logic & Vocab (2 days) / Grammar & Spelling (3 days)

135 minutes (2 hr, 15 min) = TOTAL





In addition, try giving yourself permission to relax a little -- and give yourself some flexibility. Consider dropping one of the 5-day-per-week subjects each week; for example:

week 1 = do Math on 4 days; do Latin, Spanish, Writing, Reading on 5 days

week 2 = do Latin on 4 days; do Math, Spanish, Writing, Reading on 5 days

week 3 = do Spanish on 4 days; do Math, Latin, Writing, Reading on 5 days

week 4 = do Writing on 4 days; do Math, Latin, Spanish, Reading on 5 days

week 5 = do Reading on 4 days; do Math, Latin, Spanish, Writing on 5 days


(Notice that in the big picture of a 36-week school year, that's only setting aside 7 Math lessons, or 7 days total for those 5-day-a-week subjects...)



And finally, to work in additional curriculum (such as "The Creative Writer"), do your spine program most of the week, and the supplement 1 day a week -- or, after a month or 6 weeks of the spine program, set the spine aside and do the supplement for 1-2 weeks instead.


Variety in the form of sometimes dropping a subject, or switching every so often to a supplement can really help you continue to push through a full schedule! But I do want to add that I totally agree with 8FillTheHeart -- this is a YOUNG grade to be pushing so hard! What is fun and exploratory for your DS? Where is there room to just go on field trips, do longer projects? To just have time to play around? That's why I also suggest dropping at least one of the 5-day-a-week subjects each week and to make that the same day that is your Science/History "finish up" day -- it gives you a much-needed short day/half day. If it fits with the rest of your family schedule, try making that on Mondays, to ease into the week. Or maybe Wednesdays -- 2 full days, a half day, 2 full days, 2 days off. :) Just a thought!


Once you hit high school, especially grades 11 and 12, you really DON'T have the time anymore to do the fun things, to experiment, to follow your child's interests -- it is all such a push for SAT tests, AP classes, completing required coursework, striving for colleges... Keep you homeschooling enjoyable while you still can! Just my 2 cents worth.


BEST of luck, whatever you decide! Warmest regards, Lori D.



ETA -- in one of the posts, someone was asking what others' 5th grade schedules looked like; from what I can remember, this was ours, coming out at approx. 4.5 hours of work 4 days a week, and 2 hours of work on Fridays, which also left us time to finish up what had not been done earlier in the week, plus time for the art/music, field trips, longer projects, sports, co-op or homeschool group events, etc. We tried unsuccessfully to do Spanish several years in a row in the elementary grades, and never managed to get to Latin at all (although, the Greek/Latin roots Vocabulary program was very helpful). In 5th grade, we put our stress on reading together, a lot of discussion together, critical thinking development, beginning to write a little, plug away with Math to be solid in foundational skills and problem solving. Beyond that, everything else was "gravy" and done with resources to keep alive the love of learning and enjoyment discovery (i.e., the Science, Reading, and History).


5 days/week:

25 min = together time

45 min = Math


4 days/week:

75 min = LA: Writing, Spelling, Reading, Handwriting

15 min = Vocab. (Mon/Wed) and Logic/Crit. Think. (Tues/Thurs)


3 days/week:

15 min = Grammar

15 min = Geography


2 days/week:

90 min = History (Mon/Wed)

90 min = Science (Tues/Thurs)


1 day/week:

60 min = Art, Music, longer projects, "slop over/finish up" day

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